I'm Renald.


A passionate and dedicated

3D artist from Cavite, Philippines.

I recently graduated from FEU Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's in Information Technology, specializing in Animation and Game Development. Throughout my academic journey, I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in various aspects of game development, including 3D art, programming, game design, level design, and more.

This journey led me to embrace various challenges, collaborating in multidisciplinary teams and working on independent projects. Through these experiences, I honed proficiencies spanning multiple game development aspects. This holistic approach has allowed me to gain a deep appreciation for the collaborative nature of the industry and the importance of seamless integration between different disciplines.


I believe in the power of connection and collaboration. I'm always excited to connect with fellow game developers, artists, and individuals passionate about creating captivating gaming experiences. Feel free to reach out if you have a project in mind or want to discuss game development. Let's bring our ideas to life and create something extraordinary together!